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Designer & Front End Developer


My name is Gloria

I'm a web developer and designer who has worked for Inc., Fast Company, and Glamour magazines. I graduated from Tufts University with a degree in Computer Science along with a minor in multimedia arts, and I spend way more time online than anyone ever should. I currently live in Brooklyn with my husband and our goofy French bulldog, Toby.

Although the majority of my career has been dealing with code, design has been a life long passion of mine. Nothing makes me happier than stumbling upon a beautiful logo, an elegant snippet of typography, or an unexpected mix of colors. My mission in life is to create clean & playful designs, so let's flex our creative muscles together!

Whistle while you work

I specialize in

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • jQuery/JavaScript
  • Wordpress

Happiness is

French bulldogs

French bulldogs

Ice Coffee

Iced Coffee





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